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Shopping Cart Repair

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  Shopping Carts Repair Services

Shopping Cart Repair Services

Empower your shopping carts to deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive sales and satisfaction. Get your fleet up with shopping cart repair at your store.

Fix anything on wheels. Is it a shopping cart or a material handling cart? We utilize our experience to identify and conduct a required type of repair and maintenance of sales assets on wheels.
One visit repair. Our team of experts can shortly diagnose and fix any equipment issue, modern or old, in a single visit. We come prepared with all necessary parts and tools, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for multiple service calls.
Fair price. Our solutions, offered at competitive prices, as a result help customers to achieve significant cost savings or increased revenue.

What we can do on-site?

Welding. Used to fix cracks or breaks in the metal frame accordingly.
Replacement. The most common repair, involving replacing worn-out or broken parts like wheels, casters, handles, and basket components.
Lubrication. Used to address squeaky wheels and improve overall cart maneuverability.
Tightening. We tighten loose bolts or screws to ensure the cart’s stability.

Common shopping cart repair tasks:

Wheels. Worn-out wheels can squeak, wobble, or make it difficult to steer. Depending on the damage, wheels might be replaced entirely, have worn bearings replaced, or be lubricated to reduce noise.
Casters. These are the swiveling mechanisms that allow the wheels to turn. Damaged casters can cause the cart to pull in one direction or make it harder to maneuver. Broken or malfunctioning casters are usually replaced with new ones.
Frame. Bends, dents, or cracks in the metal frame can compromise the cart’s stability and safety. Minor bends might be straightened, but more severe damage usually requires replacing the entire frame section.
Basket. Loose or broken basket components like handles, dividers, or child seats also can be a safety hazard. Our team will tighten, weld, or replace entirely these parts depending on the damage.
Child seat. Torn or broken seats are certainly uncomfortable for customers with young children. Worn seats are typically replaced with new ones made of durable materials.

Get your shopping carts up. Send us an inquiry to receive a quote for appropriate shopping cart repair services and significantly decrease a downtime of your sales assets.

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On-Demand shopping Cart Maintenance

Our highly skilled and experienced service teams are spread across the country and ready to give your shopping cart fleet some TLC. A smooth rolling fleet keeps your customers happy and buying. We provide all wheels, casters, plastic components, handles and handle assemblies. We even offer customed branded items to match your cart!

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Back Room Equipment Services

Does your staff struggle to push your stock carts? Do you have a product ruck that just won't roll straight so it's left unused? Increase your staff's productivity and efficiency by fixing the issues today! Cart Connection will find a solution for everything on wheels in your store.

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Bakery Cleaning & Repairs

Cart Connection can supply all high temperature wheels and casters to repair bakery & cooling racks. Sometimes a hot steam pressure wash is all that is needed to make your bakery department sparkle and shine.

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