EcoGreen Products

By on August 19, 2019



Achieve financial savings through a reduction in the total cost of ownership while also reducing the carbon footprint of discarded shopping carts.

Choose Between Two EcoGreen Options:

  1. Refinish your existing shopping cart fleet.
  2. Purchase already refinished EcoGreen Shopping Carts.
Echo Green

How it works

  1. Tired carts are repaired and sandblasted to remove all imperfections.
  2. Carts are then both E-Coated & Powder-Coated to withstand rigorous environmental conditions.
  3. Carts are outfitted with new plastics and wheels. Handles, corner bumpers, infant seat and seat belt are applied to the cart.
  4. Carts are branded and accessorized. Retailer specific logo and name will be printed on the handle. Any other accessories (ad-panel, cup holder,
    etc.) is applied to the cart upon request.
  5. EcoGreen shopping carts are delivered. Most customers mistake EcoGreen Shopping Carts for brand new carts.