Cart Connection

Plastic   Shopping   Carts

 All Carts Are:
  • E-Coated & Powder-Coated
  • Include Child Seat & Seatbelt
  • Include Locking Corner Bumpers and Vertical Corner Bumpers
  • Include Retailer Specific Branding on the Handle
 Available Add-On Features:
  • Cup Holders
  • Anti-Static Chain or Wheel
  • Advertisement Panels
  • Security Wheel
  • Security Pole
  • Coin Locks


Express Cart

Model No. CC 075-P

Plastic Shopping Carts

Total Capacity: 13,505 cu. in.


Model No. CC 150

Plastic Shopping Carts

Total Capacity: 7,880 cu. in.


Model No. CC 550

Plastic Shopping Carts

Total Capacity: 11,110 cu. in.

Medium - Large


Model No. CC 600

Plastic Shopping Carts

Total Capacity: 13,505 cu. in.


Model No. CC 650

Plastic Shopping Carts

Total Capacity: 17,070 cu. in.

Bean Cart

Model No. Bean Cart

Plastic Shopping Carts

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